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It's Time To Free Your True Self

Start Living The  Life You Always Dreamed Of With
Shine From The Inside Holistic Life Coaching

If you create from “what is”, you’re only going to get more of
what already is. If you create from infinite possibility
you’ll get just that – infinite possibilities! ✨

Are You Ready to Create a Magical Reality That is More Than Your Wildest Dreams? 

My guess would be yes! As the Universe led you here for a reason, so you must be ready to transform your mindset & elevate your energy to create your extraordinary life! 

If so, then you are exactly where you’re meant to be!


Hey there Beautiful Soul, I’m Jennifer Collington! 

As a Shaman, Herbalist, Empowerment Mindset Coach, Mentor, and the owner of
Shine From The Inside Holistic Life Coaching

I’m on a mission to elevate the collective by teaching individuals just like you how to step into your authenticity, own your inner power by rewriting the stories that have kept you from reaching your highest potential & tap into ancient wisdom to bring your once impossible dreams into reality!


I’ve dedicated my life to helping others massively up-level their own lives in absolutely every aspect they desire and I cannot wait to share with you the tools, strategies & teachings that will lead you to your infinite potential!


  • You eliminated the limiting mindset that hinders you from your boundless potential

  • You started igniting your own inner flame to live your life true to your own passions 

  • You were authentically you, without worrying about validation, approval or acceptance from other's

  • You spoke your own self-honouring truth daily

  • You stepped into acknowledging how truly powerful you are

  • You stopped people-pleasing and started honouring your own hopes and desires

  • You healed from the wounds of your past that hold you back from the love and compassion you seek

  • You became the person that enabled you to live the life of your dreams

The feeling or sensation you get when you envision all that is what is key to Inner Power, that reclaiming of your role as the director to your life and washing off all the gunk that doesn't belong to you but has become your identity over the years through the experiences you've had.

Signature Offerings

These offerings are the best one on one services  I offer to provide the Shine From The Inside experience to my clients 

Inner Power
Coaching Session

This offering comes in one on one sessions designed to get to know a client's needs from where they are at to where they want to be and have them take an active role in planning their actions while having support to build one towards making their dreams a reality. 

Booster Session

This offering is for those who have a particular area blocking them from action, and are aware of it, wanting to work through it directly in a one-on-one session talking through any barriers we can to build up one's inner power to be able to move forward in an empowering way that boosts them up for this and future events.

Spiritual Guidance
Mentor Session

This offering is for one on one sessions centered around spiritual mentorship, for those who are unsure what to do, where to start, and want help in personalizing their spiritual journey taking advice from not only me but from the divine together as we connect and pull inspiration from what our guides suggest to align one with their destined soul's path and their dream reality. 

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  • Shine From The Inside
  • Shine From The Inside Shamic Guru Jennifer Collington
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  • Shine From The Inside Shamic Guru

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

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