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Start Living The Life You Dream Of With
Shine From The Inside Life Coaching

It's Time To Create Your Desired Reality 

Are You Ready to Live A Life True To You? 
My guess would be yes!  As the Universe led you here for a reason. So you must be ready to transform your mindset and elevate your energy to create your extraordinary life that feels good and authentic to who you are as a person.  If so, then you are exactly where you’re meant to be!

Hey there Beautiful Soul!

I am Jennifer Collington, the CEO of Shine From The Inside Life Coaching. Although being a coach and mentor is not my preferred label, I like to think of myself as more of an empowerment buddy! 

Why you might wonder?

Well, we go to our buddies for honest advice, or we go to our buddies when we need support and nurturing, or we go to our buddies because they know us and we can count on them to understand us,  or we go to our buddies when we set goals or make choices to walk away from things that are no longer good for us, or we go to our buddies to help remind us of who we are, what we are capable of and to bring back the fun and playful side to our life. Coach and mentor  I feel establishes me as not someone's equal, but yet I am. All that separates us is my training, my experiences, and my own unique perspective, but under it all, I am a human doing my best just like those who come to me, and I know that supportive buddies are often what create the most impact in our lives.


I have been the buddy my friends could always count on, the one that isn't biased, the one that supports them being their favorite and most happiest self, the one that helps them work towards their goals, the one they can vent to and trust that what they share stays with me. I also know the rarity it is to have good buddies in the world, and by good  I mean those who actually care about you, who see and hear you, or show up in ways that truly matter rather than hollow promises and unhealthy coping mechanisms. We are all people, those  I work with I consider my buddy as  I care about them the way I do for others who cross my path and so for me empowerment buddy felt most aligned with the work I am doing. 


However, I am a certified life coach, mentor, and counselor. I have a wide background in working with the higher consciousness, doing energy work, and using natural healing modalities amongst a great array of other things, and  I am always constantly learning and expanding my practice.  These skills are nice to have in helping people through all phases and areas of this journey called life, but I would say my natural ability to connect with people and their energies are skills that cannot be taught and are what make my bonds with others so special.


I was brought to earth in this lifetime to help inspire the collective to achieve their own alignment in being authentically themselves, to aid them in embracing their own inner power and their life's mission, whilst being able to get back to the blessing it is to be alive with their inner joy and happiness.

As my life's work, I honor these things each day by living into it myself, and each day how I do that looks differently. As I am not the same person each day, and I honor myself by being flexible in meeting myself where  I am at that moment, rather than forcing or controlling myself to be a certain way. I am much the same with my buddies or clients, it's all about compassion and understanding and meeting them where they are at. 


So if any of this resonates with you, feel free to reach out so we can work together on getting you where you want to go, or perhaps just to have someone empathetic be there for you while you are navigating rougher waters in life. I am always excited to be of help in any way I can, so even if you are unsure please reach out and we can look into if I would be a good match for your needs. 

To end this  I sign off with a Harry Potter quote to remember that,
"Happiness can be found in the darkest of

times, if only one remembers to turn on the light". 


  • You eliminated the limiting mindset that hinders you from your boundless potential

  • You started igniting your own inner flame to live your life true to your own passions 

  • You were authentically you, without worrying about validation, approval or acceptance from other's

  • You spoke your own self-honouring truth daily

  • You stepped into acknowledging how truly powerful you are

  • You stopped people-pleasing and started honouring your own hopes and desires

  • You healed from the wounds of your past that hold you back from the love and compassion you seek

  • You became the person that enabled you to live the life of your dreams

The feeling or sensation you get when you envision all that is what is key to Inner Power, that reclaiming of your role as the director to your life and washing off all the gunk that doesn't belong to you but has become your identity over the years through the experiences you've had.

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