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Mystical Adventure Session

“Although many of us think of psychedelics as dangerous drugs, it’s time for a rethink. They are non-toxic, non-addictive, have very few side effects, and could potentially offer relief for people suffering from a range of psychological difficulties.”

Dr. Rosalind Watts, Ph.D., Founder of ACER Integration, clinical psychologist, and former clinical lead for Imperial College psilocybin trial


I remember sitting in psychology class a long time ago now, when my professor went over a study that was done using psilocybin aka Magical Mushrooms, saying that just one massive dose was enough to help produce long-term personality change that grows over the course of 5 years. Which I found amazing since I have always loved natural sources of treatment compared to clinical ones, and always loved nature along with its animals and plants in general. So this study and area of healing, became a  fascination of mine, that I grew to want to explore and work with long before I got into the work I do now.


What is fascinating is that it doesn't alter us drastically if that's what you are worried about, but it does alter our personality in one area specifically which is a person's openness to experience. Personality if you do or don't know, is measured across 5 dimensions, along with openness there is conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. However; by affecting openness to experience, it gives the possibility to adjust all the other areas.


Being more open to experiences allows one to be more open to different things, which can come in a variety of forms like new perspectives, ideas, mental processes, habits, relations, and healing modalities which can then affect all other areas of personality and therefore our overall wellness in life. 

Over the past few years, I have studied more with these magical little friends, not just magical mushrooms but also cannabis and other mind-altering substances, I have also had the pleasure of partaking in ceremonial rituals and learning from other shamans and guides on how to use these substances for ones spiritual, mental and emotional growth. In all my explorations and experiences it has allowed me to heal in ways I once felt were unimaginable and to become free of things that once hindered me. As I progressed in my healing I began to incorporate nature more into my life and healing practices, and with small groups of like-minded friends used psychedelics to deepen our sessions and connections which allowed for profound sessions at the time, but continual healing and growing as the sessions ended and we went on with our weeks or months. This has got me to the place where I am now to be able to offer these remarkable sessions that have not only great psychological and scientific practices from life coaching and psychology in the sessions good for therapy and counseling, but also bring in the healing power and groundedness of nature along with the spiritual and divine expansion of these marvelous natural medicines.


If you book this type of session here's what you would get: 

- An adventure style of your choice
(you decide where you want to go and what you want to do, or you can pick the specifics and let me decide the place such as if you would like rural or urban, mountains, water or trees, what kind of weather you prefer if you prefer movement-based or sedentary, and I will plan the adventure for you). 

- This adventure includes transportation or you can plan your own transportation 
(You will be picked you up, so no worries about gas, or traveling as it's included in the cost, and if you do your own transportation then it would not change the cost).

- Duration minimum 1 hour of a coaching session, but there is no limit as longer adventures would have coaching mixed throughout the course of the adventure which can span over an hour with no extra charge.


- Comes with a  microdose of psychedelic choosing based on personal tolerance levels and previous usage history. (Typical magic mushroom microdose would be under 1.5 grams just as an idea). 

Cost $345 including taxes.

Just so you know, I do not bring refreshments, but I highly recommend bringing liquid and some food with you in case you need sustenance as the adventure progresses, along with suitable clothing and footwear.

These sessions will not be for everyone, and in order to even book a session with me using any substances it requires making sure you are at a  place where you are ready for whatever might come up. As sessions can be empowering which is the happier trips, but some are for releasing this means facing things that are deep and oftentimes uncomfortable causing some to be labeled as a bad trip. Although I never see them as good or bad, some trips I know are harder than others, but each trip is unique and is exactly what a person needed to experience at that time for their soul's highest growth. Therefore it's important you know, I am not responsible for your trip, I simply attend it with you and try to help you through it to learn what you need to or to feel what needs to be felt. However, I need to feel safe just like you need to in order for it to be a healing experience rather than a traumatic one, and so if you are not at a place to do this then I will suggest just doing an interactive adventure session which is the same just without a dose.


Before booking this I highly recommend becoming aware of any health or mental concerns before doing psychedelics, as for some it can cause issues for them resulting in long-term side effects. But also it's hard to help guide you if I do not know how they might affect you and most importantly everyone reacts differently to medicines so it will add to your peace of mind while dosing if you know what to expect. 


If you are ready and this is something you've been drawn to for some time, then I will wholeheartedly welcome you to this safe supportive experience that allows you to embark on this new revolutionary healing practice with me and I look forward to going on whatever adventures you are willing to get up to with me! To request a  booking now, hit the button below and let's dive deep into this adventure together! 

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