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Jennifer Ann Collington - Empowerment Buddy | Coach, Mentor, Counselor
 Helping others claim their full power, to live life as their authentic selves

After growing up in a small town where  I was incredibly different from most and being bullied relentlessly in school and out of school for it, struggling with my weight and body issues, feeling wrong about the state of my mental and physical health, feeling damaged and broken after having relationships with family, friends, and lovers turn sour and watching the world around me become colder and colder as it focused only on how much money or things one had instead of the depth of their soul and heart I became someone who was beaten down, becoming a victim to my circumstances. This made me act in a shutdown way for nearly 10 years of my life, denying my abilities and gifts, shutting down my dreams believing I could not amount to much so there was no point in trying. So, at 18 I became an alcoholic, I became hard and overly aggressive, and I never looked forward and only looked at the past and how life sucked. I went out of my way to please others to find the love I so desperately wanted inside and in turn was only treated worse for it. I mistreated my body, neglected my environment, and tried so hard to deny that my heart was screaming at me how wrong this all felt, how much more I  knew there was to life, and that I just wanted this current way to stop!

 As I aged, I faced not only bullying, but sexual assault, abusive relationships, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, medical issues, and most of all my inner saboteur; but through those experiences and many other life lessons, and realizations I was able to use those to help empower me. The beginning of this drastic change was in 2012 when I met someone that reminded me of who I was on the inside, they brought me back to a time when I was a child when I remember saying to myself that I was here to be a part of the force that helps change the world. To help heal and spread more love and wisdom out there. They asked me so what was I doing with my life that aligned with her, my inner child -and all I could think was that I wasn’t living at all!! I was simply tapping out on life, surviving the only way I learned how, trying to escape, to fill the void with everything but what it needed, which was me.

Up until this point, I only saw I was a victim, which blinded me from seeing the alternative perspectives around me, but this is when I realized for myself I was in control of this reality and could decide to be my hero at any time by choosing to act and show up differently for myself. So, I made a bold choice and decided to move out of my hometown, to another small town not far away and register for college, which was something I had been putting off for a long time as one of my fears was failing, and being made to feel dumb. For so long I loved psychology, as I always had a love and curiosity for people and our minds, but my fear of being unable to learn it blocked me from trying to do so. But upon my first week, I was so grateful I encouraged myself to go for it, learning had never been easier and it propelled me to start wondering if I can do this, something I told myself for almost 7 years not to even attempt, then what else can I do!! This then inspired me to look at different ways to take care of my body and work with my emotions to see how I could take care of myself better and live a lifestyle that suited my needs in a more fulfilling way.


Things were terrific until my time in college came to an end, and I was left with a choice, to go back to something familiar, or to once again go for something new and scary again. I sat with this tough choice for a while, and I decided to go with what my heart said would be the next best choice I could make to honor myself. This propelled me to then review where I wanted to be and, in the end, decided to move away from my local area altogether and expand my horizons in search of more people who might be on the journey to self-discovery and spirituality that I was. I didn’t just move anywhere, I asked myself what would make me happiest, and where I would have all I want, and that is when I decided to move to Vancouver Island which is where I am located still to this day. I decided to attempt to level up and take another program for psychology at the university, not sure if I would get in or not, I moved before I was accepted trusting it would work out as this is where I felt guided to go.


I took time to get to know this new place after arriving. By exploring and being on my own I got to learn and see myself and the world in a whole new way due to allowing myself the space to do things I had never done in the past! As I used to keep myself locked up doing only familiar things, or always had a bunch of friends around to do things with. But here in this new place, I was alone. I quickly knew this would be tough because of how different my support system would be here; however, it became the perfect environment to allow me to lean on myself and my intuition more fully. In doing so I got to meet amazing people, witness the most beautiful things, and challenge myself in the most soul-growth kind of ways I never knew were possible! My first victory was acting on my decision to move. My next victory was my acceptance into the psychology program I wanted and then completing it.


In my more recent years, my thirst for knowledge and commitment to aligned action have led me to many different areas of knowledge. In university, my favorites were psychology and philosophy, but outside of the university, I found many other teachers that led to my love and interest in poetry, spirituality, gardening, nature itself, the metaphysical, astronomy, somatic healing, herbology, energy healing, intention work, healing rituals, sociology, all forms of religion, many forms of divination, lifestyle building, and motivation and empowerment techniques. This foundation of knowledge allowed me the information I needed, to look not only at my patterns and habits, (what things I did not like about me or about life, and what things I loved, and how to change aspects hindering or hurting me) but for others as well and how I could go about incorporating a larger holistic view of healing and growth than what the current personal development system offers to us. As it was clear to me that each area out there has a piece to offer to us, but alone they lack the full picture of the overall wellness in the human experience and we need to combine some areas to encapsulate the whole spectrum into our practice.


 Ever since learning and incorporating these teachings into my day-to-day back in 2018, it made me realize how disjointed my current work was from the work I craved to do. Which left me daydreaming of a career where I could embody all my abilities into what I do to truly create the impact I wanted in the world. For this to happen I wanted what I do to be about more than money, but about truly helping people in ways that align with their soul’s journey to get them where they are called to go in this lifetime. Since I was a young teenager I had always worked with people doing the best I could to help, but it was always transactional never feeling it would be a long impact on the person which lacked importance to me now. So, after years of growth and learning, eventually, I could not deny that these jobs just didn't cut it for me anymore, and it was time for me to create an opportunity for myself where I could apply all the knowledge and skills I had gained. ​


 Randomly after deciding this change was needed a few of my closest friends suggested I look into life coaching as they felt I was naturally aligned with it, and after diving into it quickly understood what they meant and decided to trust the universe and take my leap of faith towards another scary choice to go for something new. As I began the journey to become a certified life coach in 2020, I soon realized I had been doing this area of work since 2015, and much of my learnings were naturally intertwined in this field which filled me with such joy to finally find something that was heart centered around helping people and utilized all my skills. While also providing me the space to take this foundation and build upon it with my personalized healing and growth processes to help people in ways I have tested and proved to work in my own coach, mentor and shamanic practices. Upon completing my degree for life coaching, I continued to trust I was guided to this for a reason and decided to launch my own business fusing all the areas of my knowledge into one and shift this practice into a full-time career that allowed me to start fulfilling my true calling of helping people in the many ways I know how to, to help uncover others authentic selves and unlock their inner power to utilize all the magic they hold inside of themselves, while also still thriving and enjoying doing the things I love to do!!


So I want you to know, if you are reading this, success is inevitable for you too!! Soon as you decide to create it for yourself.

Today I am living a life more magical than my wildest dreams! I’m living a limitless existence and creating my own legacy, that goes beyond just living my own magical life. But one that helps everyone around me feel inspired, safe, and bold enough to do the same! I believe with every atom of my being that I was put here on our planet to make a massive difference and remind others of their infinite potential. I am not here to judge, I am here to be in awe of the glorious being we all are, to help remind everyone of that inner gold we all have inside of us, and in doing so discover what reality is right for the identity their dream resides in to align and empower them to create it in whatever way that looks like for them!!

Shine From The Inside has helped people across the globe see massive success in their lives. It is truly a blessing to wake up each day and witness the lives of others radically transform just by applying the spiritual principles that I do, and teach in my offerings and gatherings!

Now that you’re here and you’ve gotten to know a bit more about me, I’m so excited to hear more about you! Whether you start small with one of my offerings or sign up for all the offerings and gatherings you can with me, I can’t wait to witness your magical transformation toward success!  If there’s one thing I can leave you with before we get started, it’s this: regardless of what has happened in the past, real change can happen when you are committed to yourself and have the right information and support around you. There is more out there for you than the old experiences you know, and you’ve just barely scratched the surface of what magic is awaiting you.

Wishing You Only The Best For Your Magical Success,


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