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Interactive  Adventure Session

Long ago I hated to do things by myself, this had me constantly waiting for others to join in before I allowed myself the chance to do it. Till 8 years ago, I got sick of it and started getting out to do all the things my heart longed to do regardless if I had company or not. One of these things was going on outdoor adventures, to rural areas, no cell phone service, just me, nature, and its wildlife. Some of these adventures were easy breezy, some were downright scary and difficult.


Which is exactly how life goes, most of the time we cannot wait for others to join before we start, or we might waste our whole life. We have to do what we feel called to do when we feel called to do it, and when we follow that little voice, we end up in places where if we even were 5 minutes later or earlier we would have missed seeing something. Waiting only causes us to miss opportunities, or even worse you bring people along and they take you away from the beauty of the moment making you wish you just came alone. Also, most of the time in life we have either easy things arise or scary things arise, but regardless they all serve their purpose and help shape our life, our lessons, and prompt our growth. 

This time was great for me as I learned how confident and capable  I was but also how much I loved being at one with nature and sure, it was great alone... but what made it even better was the right company. Be that just a bug that comes along on your journey with you, or friends or family.  Going on adventures in nature with the right people allows you to truly, be present in the moment, to soak up and see all the signs and messages the universe is sending you, while also allowing you to give your body what it craves.


Be that getting back in touch with our connection to nature, which we are a part of and spend most of our time away from. Or that groundedness we are missing when our life feels rocky and stormy. Or maybe even just the fun we have been missing out on because life has been serious and we have been hyperfocused on our work or our goals. Or maybe we miss challenging ourselves as we have become complacent in the comfort zone of our life and need to hike a  mountain to climb outside of the perspectives we've been in hiding out in and see what changes need to be made. Heck, it might even be missing out on generic movement that our bodies actually enjoy doing which isn't so much about exercise as it is about being present in the body and feeling all its sensations. 

Point is, nature can be healing in a variety of ways when we need it most and it was on my adventures alone as well as with friends that I did most of my deepest soul work and still do, but it was also when I conquered some of my biggest challenges that allowed me to see what my body and I were capable of when I let myself try, when I trust in my body, and when I support myself or others through the difficulties.


This became something I was known for with friends or in social circles, my adventures, my connection with nature and always ending up in the perfect places at the perfect time to see and be a part of something miraculous.  Not just nature itself from my adventures, but my sight of what I saw and how I saw it, how things all were interconnected and were signs or messages around us for what we were talking or thinking about. These deep conversations, matched with the healing energy of our beautiful earth, and all its many little signs and symbols along with my sight always made each adventure something we became reborn from. We never returned as the same beings we were when we headed out before the adventure and there was something so profound about it, that it made everyone want to be a  part of it with me and my friends.


For the past few years, I have been incorporating more and more nature into my healing practices, and it's an absolute pleasure and delight of mine to offer this kind of package where we merge the healing energy of nature, with the scientific psychology of therapy, counseling, and life coaching, with my spiritual gifts and guides! These outdoor interactive sessions allow my clients to bask in glorious places soaking up the fun and groundedness while also freeing themselves of what burdens them, to illuminate what inspires them and prompts their growth in the most natural setting possible, mother nature.


This also creates the opportunity for those who are worried about adventuring alone to have the company of a skilled hiker to go with them. As well as those who maybe don't get enough outdoor time in but really want to try and also want to try to invest in themselves more by seeing a counselor or life coach by giving them the opportunity to do both at the same time, like mashing two potatoes with one fork. Not to mention the extra benefits you gain from being in nature rather than being active in gyms or local establishments, or  not active at all like sitting at a desk or in a coffee shop.


If you book this session this is what you'll get: 

- An adventure style of your choice
(you decide where you want to go and what you want to do, or you can pick the specifics and let me decide the place such as if you would like rural or urban, mountains, water or trees, what kind of weather you prefer if you prefer movement-based or sedentary, and I will plan the adventure for you). 

- This adventure includes transportation or you can plan your own transportation 
(You will be picked you up, so no worries about gas, or traveling as it's included in the cost, and if you do your own transportation then it would not change the cost).

- Duration minimum 1 hour of a coaching session, but there is no limit as longer adventures would have coaching mixed throughout the course of the adventure which can span over an hour with no extra charge.

Cost $321 including taxes.

So if you were like the old me, waiting or others to join before you can start, or waiting to find the right people to bring along then here's your chance to stop waiting and start doing, to become the adventurer instead of just the daydreamer, to really look at what you are missing in life and to give yourself it now. I am ready for an adventure - are you?


If so, click the button below and request a booking with me by filling out the form for your preferences and needs and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

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