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Empathetic Listening Call

Image by Riccardo Annandale

The Empathic Listening Call is a supportive and non-judgemental call service designed to provide nurturing support to individuals.  Empathic skills are used to meet you where you are at and listen deeply to your thoughts and feelings. These calls are offered in varying lengths, so you can choose the option that suits you best and get to talk as much or as little as you need! Whether you're seeking comfort, advice, or simply someone to listen to you, the empathic listener calls are here to support you! 

What you get when booking is the option of phone call length: 
30 min for $60, 1 hr  for $120, 1 hr and 30 min for $180, or 2hr for $240 

Once the time frame is picked you would then note what time and date you would like your call for, and we will allot this time to have uninterrupted focus on you for whatever support you need!

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