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Empowerment 1:1 Booster Session

This session is dedicated to specific topics coming up, events, and situations, that someone is needing support, or accountability through but not requiring as much deep diving as are already aware of the issue and just need a confidence boost through it. 

This is my most generic life coaching session, which usually is wanting to make sure someone has a topic in mind they want to work on, and action steps and goals they are trying to achieve but just need an extra boost of commitment and dedication to help them see to the completion of their desires and dreams and I would help with aligning steps in ways that help make things more tangible and easier to accomplish.


What you get if you book this session: 

- 1 hour of coaching over your preferred method
(online over Google video, phone, or through a messenger)

The cost is  $111 including taxes 

If you would like to book a session, please request a booking by clicking the button below and filling out the form with what area you currently want to focus on, what things help make you feel empowered, how you feel you can be supported best through this point of your journey at this time, what things are hindering you or draining you, and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 


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