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 $60 per
30 min

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Empathetic Listening Call

The Empathic Listening Call is a supportive and non-judgemental call service designed to provide nurturing support to individuals.  Empathic skills are used to meet you where you are at and listen deeply to your thoughts and feelings. These calls are offered in varying lengths, so you can choose the option that suits you best and get to talk as much or as little as you need!
Whether you're seeking comfort, advice, or simply someone to listen, our empathic listeners are here to support you. 


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Interactive Adventure Session

This offering is for those who need more nature time in their life and would benefit from 1:1 sessions outdoors and on an adventure rather than in an indoor setting. This works only for those who are in my area, and who are willing to challenge themselves, while also give themselves the time and freedom to have fun while also diving deep into the many layers that make them who they are, and open to the universe providing more signs and messages in our time together. 

Empowerment 1:1 Booster Session 

This offering is for those who have a particular area blocking them from action, and are aware of it, wanting to work through it directly in a one-on-one session talking through any barriers we can to build up one's inner power to be able to move forward in an empowering way that boosts them up for this and future events.

Inner Power 1:1 Coaching Session

This offering comes in one on one sessions designed to get to know a client's needs from where they are at to where they want to be and have them take an active role in planning their actions while having support to build one towards making their dreams a reality. 


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Mystical Adventure Session

This offering is geared towards those who wish to explore the world of psychedelics mixed with nature and life coaching sessions. Currently only offering microdoses of psilocybin or cannabis. These are adventures led by a guide who has interacted with both substances and has used them in their own healing and spiritual practices to reach deeper into the subconscious and other realms around us to receive new perspectives and insights, while also allowing the body to heal and relax as it re-wires the brain in a safe way, with a supportive guide all while enjoying being out in a  fun environment, letting the self be free to explore all sides of self and life. 



Tarot Card Readings

This offering is more for those who do not have time for sessions but have specific circumstances, questions, scenarios, and areas they would like to receive some divine information and feedback for. There are a variety of card pulls that can be done only a few cards to a bunch, and a variety of decks to choose from and guides to tap into to gain the messages one seeks to find, these can be used as guidance or inspiration, or merely just confirmations you are on the right track. This can also illuminate areas of struggle that are needing worked on or acknowledeged. 

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