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Tarot Card Bookings 

One of the first areas of divination I got into as a  child aside from making potions for my Mother to find and have to dump out, was tarot card readings also known as cartomancy.


This form of divination has been around for a long time, and although I do not need the cards anymore to tell me what my guides need me to know, I love the cards as they only confirm things for me and they are a  tool that is great to use for others who need quick confirmations for when they already have an idea or sense of what's going on. But for others who are lost or not sure where to start, tarot cards offer a great link to the divine to help find out where the divine thinks you should start or look into more and helps provide answers to questions on one's mind. 

If someone doesn't need any one-on-one support from me, sometimes they still would like me to tap into the divine for them to answer some questions they have, or maybe they don't have time for a session but still really need some advice, that is where I may suggest them to do a tarot card reading with me. 

There are a variety of options and I can do card pulls more unique to someone but for generic offers I extend either a 3-card draw for $15 or a 6-card draw for $30, with a range of decks and crystals to help influence the energy of what the inquirer is seeking to know. 

Tarot Reading

If you are interested in booking a tarot card reading please contact me to let me know how many cards you would like the questions you want to have answered by clicking the button below, and I will respond with deck options along with crystal choices and your cost along with payment options. Once I receive your response and payment you will have the option to have me send pictures and words on what the answers were or a video of your reading. 

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