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What Clients Have Said

Jennifer was someone that the moment I saw her face knew she would be a kind and warm person. I had the pleasure of working with this amazing coach for 3 months and in that time I have seen that she has a big heart and truly cares for anyone she comes into contact with. She helped me to open up in ways I never had before, and find the courage that I forgot I had long ago. Working with her even after the first session many around me could tell my disposition in life had shifted and instantly started seeing results in my relationships, and job. I loved talking with her so much that it was hard to wait each week for our session. I highly recommend anyone looking for a compassionate, funny and easy-going coach who is there to just be your number one fan and to be able to tell you the truth no matter how hard it can be so she can truly support you in your dreams to reach out to Jennifer. You will be forever grateful to have crossed her path. Thanks, Jennifer for everything <3


I have struggled with confidence all of my life. My biggest issue was when it came time to come out as a gay man. I stumbled across Jennifer and instantly was drawn to her energy, in our first meeting she gave me the kind of support that I never knew how desperately I needed it and it quickly helped me make the changes that were right for me, regardless of others trying to deter me. She was able to let me deal with heavy emotions and thoughts, she gave me the space to process them and draw out my own ways to success and happiness not trying to push her own ideals on me. With her support and honesty, I was able to not only come out to all my family and friends and deal with everyone's different opinions in a healthy manner but also manage to start a relationship and move out of a toxic environment holding me back. Jennifer let me see what  I can do without limits and I will never forget her and the tools she gave me. Keep shining girrl it looks amazing on you and thanks for showing me how to shine too!


I have been working with Jennifer for 6 months, and when I started with her I felt completely lost and had no idea what to do or who I was. I was just leaving an abusive ex and had barely any friends or support, and the pandemic had just started which was making matters so much harder. She came into my life randomly seeing one of her posts, and after our first session, every time we got to meet it almost felt like I was being surrounded by this massive hug. I felt safe, and not judged for anything I shared which was a big deal since  I really had never had anyone treat me like that. She helped shine her light to reveal areas of what I was scared of, and how I  was treating myself based on what I shared with her. She empowered me. She believed in me. She helped expand my perspective and for the first time in my life, I felt worthy not because of someone else, but because I found out how to love myself and be there for myself to make the choices  I need to make to take control of my life. I was sick of people pushing me around, being worried about existing and she reminded me that I had a right to take up space, and be proud of who I was and all I had gone through. She saw me and listened to me. If anyone needs support, because even though you have a ton of people around you, yet you still feel alone or you have no one there for you, I strongly recommend working with Jennifer. She will help you feel  seen and heard in a way you never knew possible. Working with her helped restore my faith in the good of people and because of my time with her,  I have reclaimed so much power  I gave away and can actually feel happy with where  I am at in my life now.


Great coach, doesn't try to push or pull in ways not okay with and always is looking for a way to turn things into learning opportunities. Loved her direct approach and since I can be too serious at times it was refreshing working with someone so fun and easy-going, she made me laugh and be at ease naturally. After working with her, my life changed drastically from being all work and no play to now having way more fun in my life, and letting myself celebrate life and myself more. My husband could not be more grateful for this shift, and our marriage has never been better. Jennifer, you certainly have found your calling and I expect great things from you as you carry on your true path, thanks for all the light you bring to those around you.

Sandy W.

My time with Jennifer was interesting, never getting coaching or any kind of outside help before she was my first, and she eased me into it like it was nothing. She was an amazing motivator to have in my head, finding all my hidden nuggets of awesome ideas. Her excitement and ability to see things from my perspective was amazing. Definitely, someone, I would recommend for anyone needing a confidence boost, or someone to mash ideas around with. Her creative and out of the box thinking truly made me pause and look at things in a way I had not before leading to countless breakthroughs. This girl is a powerhouse, anyone is lucky to work with her.


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