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Why build up Inner Power ?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Its important to build inner power up as it becomes our base for everything, our foundation.

If we are helpless with no inner power to manage our life, or act upon the things we desire we diminish ourselves and often run into mental, emotional, and physical health issues all while going through the day to day hating our life, and even worse hating ourselves for who we are, and what we feel we will never be.

Once inner power is affected its noticeable because we stop speaking our truth, we start denying the ways we are not living authentically, and blocking the ways we could change. By doing so we are allowing our tainted judgements and thoughts to shape our reality, which leads to us writing our own self-limiting scripts that say who we are and what we are like so that we only act out that role and never strive for more. This can lead to inactivity of doing nothing, or someone keeping themselves so busy they never have to think about how they truly feel. It is automatic that their dreams are unachievable so no need to dream, goals will never be successful so they never aim for something. Lack of inner power is a lack of giving yourself the space to be who you truly are and denying your potential. Life is spent feeling a pressure to live up to a perfect image, that there is a right or wrong way to be and a good or bad way to be, instead of simply allowing yourself to be and live life in a healthy effective way.

Having inner power, you know you are worthy and loved as you are. There are no conditions to it, as you meet yourself where you are honestly and even when change is needed it isn’t bad. Its because you love and care for yourself so much you believe in you to do better, and making those changes will make you feel better as they will align you with who you truly feel you are and not who you are being for approval.

We don’t feel good when we give our power away, which is what much of society is conditioned to do right from birth, we do what is expected of us, we act in ways we are taught, and we don’t stop to question things or ponder how we feel in each moment. Society has us constantly pulled out externally, and it is very rare it wants us to go inward to reclaim our power, because when we are being pushed around externally it keeps our power diminished and makes us easier to control. We are easier to control when we don’t nourish ourselves. We are more prone to spend a greater amount of money to feel better, we are more prone to eat things that hurt our health to feel better, we are more likely to accept behaviour that feels terrible to avoid feeling alone or outcasted.

It is much harder for someone to conform to unhealthy behaviours when someone is self-aware and knows their truth because they are less likely to partake in things that are not beneficial for their journey. They would rather stand tall and weather the storm than to conform to ideals that they do not hold because they know their worth is not measured on being accepted. Their worth is measured on how they feel about themselves and if all they did all day was give their power away and bend to others needs or beliefs ahead of their own, they would not feel good about themselves.

Inner power is our core, it is much like the core of our planet or the sun, without the core they cease to function, they become hollowed out shells and so do we. To me its not so much why build inner power its more why not build it up, since it’s the center of our very essence to who we are and what we do so why would we not want our core to be as powerful as it can be ?

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