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Importance of Inner Power

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Inner power has many factors that add to its importance, because it is what helps us to know when to move or not, and gives us the strength to do so or not. This is where feelings of being capable to do something start, which is the root for motivation. With a lack of inner power, it can shift us into feeling helplessness for whatever situation we are in or the circumstances that arise. Helplessness in psychology is one of the most destructive states that we can get caught up in, because it is at that time, we feel we have no control in our lives to be able to do anything, and so there is no point to trying. This often feeds off worthlessness, and shame making it harder to shake off because we don’t see anything besides what we are lacking, which makes a person constantly tear themself down. Giving inner power its importance because it is what builds us up. When we have it, it helps us to adapt even if things don’t go right, we feel capable of handling whatever we are given, and use creativity in problem solving to create effective ways of dealing with our daily lives rather than shutting down.

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