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Ways to Build Inner Power

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

  • Biggest one is to align our body and mind, to take time with it to feel emotions, sensations, feelings when we do anything and listen to what our body is telling us, and following our mind in the directions it wants us to go.

  • Part of the mind body connection is honest self-discovery, admitting when you like or dislike someone and understanding the why to it.

  • Another which is a personal favorite is through self-love practices because at the end of the day the more self-love we put into ourselves the more we reclaim our power by giving our self that treatment we deserve making us less likely to accept less than that from others.

  • Purity to self-empowerment, doing the things that are in line with where we want to go, like things that make us feel powerful, cleansing our self, affirming our truth through affirmations and removing limiting concepts, becoming the mindset of a warrior

  • Sacrificing the things we don’t like to make room for what we do like is another, this is when we say no to things as hard as it is, but we are saying no not out of any force to do so, but because it doesn’t align with us and therefore explaining the why we want to give it up which helps us understand how important the change is to us

  • One last quick tip is to be loyal to the process and commit yourself to the life you want, having conviction for the process you put in place and also having compassion and patience with yourself when things don’t work out right away. Remind yourself it is okay, you are learning and growing and doing your best.

Remember progress is incremental all that matters is trying your best to reprogram your mind to this new way of living. Taking back your inner power is realizing all the harsh critics and feedback to failure or the learning process are all lies we do not have to operate under nor feel guilty or shamed by if we don't meet unrealistic standards or goals. We only need to judge based off where we showed up for our true self, and if it wasn't on point as much as it could have been knowing that is okay but seeing how we could do better, and the next time then using what you learnt in how you can make it better, to do better.

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