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The Truth About Change

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The beautiful thing about learning to change is you begin to see how nothing is ever rooted so deep it cannot be changed. That everything can go through significant changes, but only with the actual effort to do so. Something we only do when we truly want it. It is then through our determination that we stop at nothing to ensure it becomes our reality. It is through change we see that it is truly up to us, and if we want to dig deep enough to find the root and pull it out, or decide to only prune it. We are in control of what happens, as we are the gardener of our life.

Change is not about becoming perfection.

For there is no such thing.

Change is about evolution, the expansion into something different.

Which means it's okay to not be doing it all. Knowing that you want to be doing better, can be happier and want to work towards that is beyond amazing for a place to be in.

As the truth is we are doing phenomenal starting wherever we are at. The point is just to start, to allow yourself those slight shifts that let you become your favourite self. To be the spirit that lets your heart sing and live in pure happiness. All while knowing you are amazing, just as you are. That any changes being made are only to improve upon an already amazing work of art. To give you more of the things you are deserving to have in your experience.

We are the keys to the alchemy of transformation.

We hold all the power in our magical ability to shift reality at any time.

Feeling uncomfortable will be the new normal as we change, and that will make changes sometimes feel unsafe. Which is normal. Since our life, the self, its emotions, experiences and environments will be changing all around us, and since we are habitual beings that like to feel safe in familiarity. It will be like a fish out of water. So, it makes sense why the new can feel scary and super awkward for a while.

This does not mean to pull away, to think this is wrong but a time to lean in and explore what’s going on for you, and remind yourself of the current truth of the work you are doing. To give yourself space to adapt, and to experience how new doesn’t mean bad, it doesn’t mean unsafe, it just means different and different can be good. This takes time, with a great deal of patience, compassion, and most of all trust.

Trust in yourself to know you are wiser, and stronger now after all you have gone through which gives you the best ability to know what is right for you now. Your evolution so far has allowed you to see where you want to make changes, and now is the time to trust in yourself that you can guide yourself in the ways best to make those changes. It is time to listen to your inner intuition following the direction it is calling you towards as your future empowered self, not getting trapped by the old self that is rooted in the issue.

You can spot the difference by understanding how your mind works. As you then see, the mind always is working to protect itself. This is done so by keeping us safe and sticking with familiar things, which leaves us to see new and potentially good things as threats to avoid, keeping us stuck in old cycles. It’s interesting to understand the mind does this because it knows we can survive the old cycles, but it doesn’t know about the new.

So, it is up to us to consciously let our system know that any new habits or scenarios that we are being guided towards are safe, it's just new information that we are capable of handling now.

How do we spot the difference one might ask?

Well typically, if a thought is guided by true intuition it brings truth and helps your peace in an empowering way to help you go towards something more in love. Old identity issues that are fear or problem based disturb your peace. They tear you down rather than build you up making you push things away, to avoid facing issues and usually a denial of love or deservingness.

Such as the belief one cannot speak their truth if they do everyone will be mad and hate them, so it's best not to share at all.

You can feel the hopelessness in this thought, and that is how people stay rooted in a problem to avoid change. The uncomfortable nature of having others not handle their truth has made the brain decide to pre-determine what one should and shouldn’t do to avoid feeling that way and closes them down long before the event or if they did come forward and the talk didn’t go well old problem-based thinking would jump to saying that’s why we don’t do that.

Instead, your intuition is a feeling of knowing you deserve to speak your truth. It usually helps guide you in an empowering thought process such as I know it is hard to speak my truth as it requires a lot of bravery to do so, knowing people may not like it, but I feel this way for a reason and I deserve to honour myself even when it feels uncomfortable knowing I will be okay regardless of how the other person feels as I am only speaking to them with love.

If you lean into this thought process you see how the compassion of feeling is the strongest force, to feel the feeling admit why it’s affecting you then honour yourself with the truth and know safety is yours no matter what.

Knowing the difference in these perspectives is crucial to helping change. An old problem-based identity if unchecked can come in and tear down months of work, or change, and often times people can feel like they go one step forward and ten steps back. This dance can be frustrating causing some people to give up, but those who have learned to dance with change know that no matter where the dance takes them, they are still moving forward, and you sometimes have to go back and do those steps differently to get to where you wanted to go in the first place. The destination you wanted to arrive at was never reachable using that old path and required you to go back and find the one you needed to lead you to your goal.

One must learn to trust the dance.

To see the reason for going back in order, to come forward, all while knowing this means leaving behind more of their comfort zone than they probably intended to.

So, it's no wonder why some do not change, some choose the same cycles or old habits, as going outside their comfort zone is scary and uncomfortable for everyone and not all can handle it. As change requires us to do things or be a certain way we have never done before, and that needs us to be a part of actions and experiences we haven’t been before.

Yet doing each part is essential to the evolution of developing who we truly are without all the old baggage. We can only move forward to our highest timeline imaginable by uncovering the dark and the light in us. We do this by discovering how each detail to us is a special ingredient here to help our transformation. So instead of being upset about any delays or redirections, be grateful for the opportunity to learn and expand more. Know none of the back steps truly take away from the progress you have made already as they are only helping to get you exactly where you needed to go.

The only way to real change and healing ever arrives, is by us facing the peaks and valleys of our own dimensions while holding onto the truth of who we are in them. Some are afraid and will avoid this for fear of what they might find, but avoiding anything never led anyone to happiness or fulfilment, only further running and hiding. Often times once they stop running and face things, they never end up being as bad as they seemed and leave us wondering what made us take so long to go for it.

After years of dancing with change, I see the ways most of the time my own overreactions were what made me push things away I truly wanted, that were not bad but I was scared of. I see how that allowed me to push away feeling how I truly did. Aiding me in denying my own truth, denying my own abilities, and denying my right to heal and expand. But, once I faced them I saw how those things, in the end, were how I was blocking my change and how most of us who are unaware still block ourselves.

The truth is the more I and others have learned to accept our emotions and help our bodies and emotional selves feel safe to experience emotions and the new things that we want in our reality the quicker things shifted for us.

With practice, we are less likely to be demolished by hard emotions or situations than we were years, weeks or even days before. The process does take time, but the small effects can be felt instantly when you have an awareness about the brain and the process of change, then the ability to empower yourself through it using your intuition.

As you understand change and learn to dance with it, you become flexible and learn to nurture yourself in a way that allows you to go with the flow and not see everything as right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, you give yourself space to see beyond that and view the larger picture allowing you to embrace this thing called life and know all is shaping you to get you where you need to go. With trust in yourself, and following your truth you will always end up exactly where you are supposed to be, and eventually it will lead you to the changes you longed for.

Change is inevitable for us all, and it is only us denying ourselves that transformation that ever prolongs things from happening. So, stop denying your power and your ability to change now. Instead, welcome it and the fact you are amazing just as you are. Knowing there is no need to be perfect, but to only go in the direction that calls to you and inspires love and happiness in your spirit and soul. Trust, that you know the way that is, as your intuition calls you with your truth all the time, and is waiting for you to pick up. It is just up to you to decide if you are ready to pick up the call.

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